Legion TV does not charge a call-out fee just to walk through the door. We offer free quotes, and have 24 months warranty on all parts and labour (excluding electronics which have a 12 month warranty). We do have a minimum labour charge of one hour, this is to cover travelling expenses etc.

Freeview HD
To receive Freeview HD, you require a UHF aerial, with reasonable quality reception from Wharite. If you have an existing aerial, we can test it, repair / replace if necessary and install Freeview HD decoders / TVs. If you don’t have an external aerial we can install one with all the associated mounting hardware, cabling and fittings. In short, anything that needs doing to get everything up and running for you, we can do. We can supply competitively priced Freeview HD approved decoders.

Freeview Satellite
If you already have a Sky TV dish (or any other dish) we can supply and install a decoder (or install one you bought elsewhere). We’re also fully equipped with professional test equipment to re-align dishes, install new ones, and re-cable to other rooms. We can supply and/or fit decoders.

Free-to-air Satellite
As with Freeview Satellite systems, however, you may want additional overseas channels which we can also set up. We can install dishes that allow you to watch both NZ channels and foreign channels from multiple satellites from a single dish (depending on the channels required).

Portable Satellite Systems
Going away? Don’t want to miss the rugby game just because you’re not at home? We can supply small free-standing portable dishes that will work with Freeview and Sky TV decoders. We also supply 12V decoders for use in caravans and mobile homes.

Additional TV Outlets
Need a TV outlet in your bedroom, or somewhere else in your house? We can help. We will check the signals and advise whether it’s possible with the existing system, or if an amplifier is needed before splitting the signal to the other room(s). If you have a Sky TV decoder, and want to be able to watch that in another part of the house, we can set that up too.

Data Cabling
We install data cabling for home and office, as well as installation and setup of network hardware.

Telephone Jacks
Need a new phone jack for your computer? How about a dedicated DSL jack? We can install, move or fix them at competitive rates.

Home Theatre
Sick of having speaker cables running around the floor and over doorways? It’s often possible to hide a lot of that ugly speaker cable. We can also set up your new or existing system.

Equipment Installation
Bought yourself a new TV, DVD, Home Theatre or other related equipment but don’t know how to set it up? Moved house and have bits left over after plugging everything in? Leave it to the experts and save yourself a lot of headaches. We can come in, set up your system and supply any leads you need. We’ll even take away the boxes if you want us to.

Sky TV
After 8 years of installing for Sky in Christchurch, there’s not much more to know about their systems. We can’t install decoders now as we’re no longer contracting to Sky, but we can still do all the cable work – often cheaper, and usually tidier.

Remote IR Sensors
Whether you have an existing Sky outlet that allows you to watch your decoder on another TV, or we install one for you, we have a range of remote IR sensors to allow you to control your decoder from the other room. We can supply and fit both wired and wireless systems, not just for use with Sky remotes, but all your AV gear. Compatible with legacy and MySky HDi decoders, Home Theatre, projectors, DVD players etc.

If you’re building a new house, or adding an extension to an existing one, it’s highly recommended to run all the cabling before the wall linings go on. We can run cables for TV reticulation, Home Theatre, phones and data. Electricians often offer this service too, however they usually aren’t aware of all the requirements for modern systems, and once the house is finished, you’ve got to make do with what you’ve got – or try to get more cables through; often not possible without cutting holes in the gib.

We can test and repair your existing aerial, satellite, phone and data systems using professional test equipment and methods to trace the faults.

Commercial Systems
Installation of Television systems for motels, digital signage etc. Structured data cabling, and associated network hardware. 100V audio systems as used in shops, restaurants etc.

Legion TV provides free quotations within our travel area. We are often able to carry out the work at the time if you approve the quote.

Insurance repairs
We often see aerials and mounts that have been damaged in high winds with a repair bill usually in the $150-$250 range, often these can be repaired or replaced under your insurance, sometimes with no excess. We can give you a (free) quote to get you back up and running, which can then be approved and paid by the insurer.

Satellite alignment
Whether you have self-installed a satellite dish, just need it re-aligned, or need it aligned to a different satellite we can provide this service.

TV tuning
Need a TV or other equipment tuned in? We can help out, and can provide any additional cables required at competitive rates.