Can I watch/change Sky channels in another room?

You have two main options here, multiple Sky decoders allowing independent Sky channels to be watched, or a reticulation system, which feeds the Sky channel from your existing decoder to other parts of the house.

Having a second decoder installed – Sky call this Multiroom, and you will need to contact Sky TV to arrange installation. At the time of writing this article, the monthly charge for each additional decoder is $25.00.

The other alternative if you don’t need multiple Sky channels at a time is to have a reticulated system installed. Sky also provide this service, but they will charge $160 for each additional TV they connect regardless of whether the house has been precabled for reticulation or not. Legion TV can usually do it cheaper than this for a single outlet, and certainly for more than one. The reason for the ‘usually’ above is that where a MySky HDi decoder is installed, a modulator is required, at a cost of $100 – $130. This is because the Hdi decoders simply don’t have the Radio Frequency (RF) output required for reticulation, and a modulator changes one of the composite outputs to RF.

We can install cabling to your house that will allow you the option of watching any Free-To-Air (FTA) channel, or whichever Sky channel is showing on one or more Sky decoders in any other room(s) in the house.

It is also possible for the high definition picture to be sent to other rooms, however this us generally a more costly option as there are length limits to HDMI cables, the size of the plugs restricts the ability to run cables inside wall cavities easily, and the need for HDMI splitters at the MySky decoder. CAT6 converters can be used to negate some of these obstacles but do add to the cost.

In order to be able to change the Sky channel from another room you’ll need a remote sender of some kind. Sky do not supply these.

The simplest, and often cheapest option for one or two rooms is a wireless remote sender. These units have an Infra Red (IR) receiver where you need to change the channel from, this signal is collected and transmogrified into an RF signal which can pass through most walls for a moderate distance. This RF signal is then picked up by the other part of the unit at the Sky decoder and converted back to IR before being sent into the decoder through an IR emitter. We also have available units with multiple emitters to control a number of devices, such as VCRs, DVD players, etc.

The other options are wired units, which work much the same way, but instead of beaming the RF signal through the air, they transmit it down a cable – either the same cable used for the TV pictures (making it easy to retrofit, however they can cause interference with the picture so we don’t recommend them), or a separate cable specific to that purpose. The big advantage of this type of remote sender is that you don’t have the same problems of walls etc. blocking the signal, making them much more reliable, and they are easy to setup for use in multiple rooms at a time, controlling a number of devices.

Cabling for reticulation and IR systems can be retro-fitted to existing systems, or precabled in new houses as part of the future proofing.