Freeview Satellite channels available

The Freeview channels below are available using a satellite dish aligned to Optus D1 along with a suitable satellite decoder.

Trackside is currently available Free-to-air from Sky’s feed, but as it’s not a ‘Freeview’ channel, approved decoders won’t find it without manually searching for it. Some older decoders such as Zinwell’s can’t be tuned for it.

1 TV One Widescreen
2 TV2 Widescreen
3 TV3 Widescreen
4 FOUR Widescreen
5 Maori Widescreen
6 U Widescreen
7 TV One +1 Widescreen
8 TV3 +1 Widescreen
9 C4 Widescreen
10 Prime Widescreen
11 Trackside (requires manual programming) Widescreen
12 Choice Widescreen
22 Parliament TV Widescreen
23 Cue Widescreen
24 Te Reo Widescreen
25 Shine

Radio stations available:

  • Radio New Zealand National
  • Radio New Zealand Concert
  • George FM
  • Base FM