How many Freeview decoders do I need?

We’ve had a few people lately asking if they can use one Freeview decoder for the whole house, or if they need one for each room.

It is possible to watch one decoder in multiple rooms, but there are a few conditions attached to this scenario. As with Sky’s decoders, if you only have one decoder, you can only watch one channel at a time even if your house is wired to watch that decoder in all the rooms. If you have a Freeview HD decoder, the cost of splitting the HD signal to other rooms tends to be quite prohibitive, though splitting the SD picture that is also available is no problem. Changing channels when the decoder is in another room generally requires more equipment to make it possible, again adding to the cost.

We would recommend that you have one decoder for each TV, otherwise you’re likely to have arguments about who gets to watch what for one, and as far as cost goes, it will probably end up much the same anyway. You can always have the cabling installed for any additional rooms at the time of your main install (usually saving on labour costs), and then add in the extra decoders at a later time.